Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kids aren't oblivious.

I've noticed a definite change in Mikaela's behavior lately. Prior to two weeks ago, we were noticing marked improvement in the 'troublesome three' arena. Less whiney-bum, more self-sufficient big kid. She kept her ears turned on more than 50% of the day and was reasonable.

However, since we've had our schedules screwed up because of Sam's dad's illness, she's backpedalled. She's once again quick tempered, whiny, needy and unreasonable.
I feel bad for her. Because, really, we've been so focused on Sam's dad, how he's feeling (and how everyone else is handling it), that we've totally missed the fact that she's old enough now to *understand* things.
No three year old should have to wonder if the grandparent being carried to an ambulance is going to join 'Gramma in Heaven.'
I feel terrible that she witnessed it, and even more badly that we've neglected to try to explain things to her.

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