Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's Spring! well, a girl can wish, right?

It certainly feels that way outside. I'm sitting here, dog at my feet (because he's always there, always, even in the bath) and I'm waiting for Mikaela to wake up for sleepy, after-nap snuggles. It's wonderful outside. Makes me get the itch to start buying new flip flops and sunglasses already.

I'm still struggling with NOT teaching. I really, really, want to teach again this year. I'm hoping to get that opportunity (third times a charm, right?) I miss the kids, the people, the feel...I miss walking into a classroom and knowing that the time I spend there makes a difference.

Sam and I are making every effort to save as much money as possible. We're planning a garden, with his brother and sister, since Deon and I know how to put up produce now. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the fact that we each have about a million quarts of tomatoes from last year? Anyway, anybody with some good knowledge of raising a veggie garden, I'm all ears. I'm anxious to start planning it well, because I'd like to space everything out so that it all doesn't come in at the same time. That would be a canning nightmare!

Angie's got me making angel costumes for a play at church the end of this month. They're surprisingly easy, which is such a good thing, seeing as I have three more to make by the 22nd.

I have a new nephew, JD. He's perfect. He was born Feb. 13, and has already gained over a pound! Here's a pic of him and Mikaela. This was taken right after her marvelous rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:

Sorry about the smile. She's reached that age where she's aware she needs to smile for the camera, so it's not quite natural, lol.

I also have a new 'niece', Misty's daughter Ky. She's gorgeous! I need to get a few good pics of her and Mikaela together next time they're down.

Of course, all these babies have Mikaela asking for one of her own. Well, three of her own actually. A girl for Mikaela, A girl for Mommy, and a boy for daddy. And now, when she wants to talk about her boobies (and what three year old doesn't?) she doesn't call them 'boobies', she calls them 'those things where babies eat!'. And I'm proud of that, that she realizes that's what they're for and it's no big deal to her.

So, as winter winds down, this is where I find myself.

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Lindsay said...

The picture is precious-I would have loved to hear her rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle if it is anything like her Rockstar by Pink!